About the hotel

Intelcoop Hotel is located in one of the quietest and most peaceful neighbourhoods of Plovdiv, Kychuk Paris (Little Paris), near the central railway station and Rodopi Bus Station.

The complex is owned by the Central Cooperative Union and is managed by Intellect COOP EOOD, Plovdiv. It specialises in the field of congress tourism and vocational training of personnel.

Intelcoop Hotel has a wide range of hospitality and training services to offer to its guests.


The hotel complex comprises:

  • Intelcoop Hotel 
  • COOP Restaurant 
  • Education centre licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) for vocational training of personnel

At the guests’ disposal, there are: lobby bar, souvenir shop, wardrobe, parking lot, etc.



Plovdiv – ancient and eternal

Throughout the centuries of its existence and the different stages of its development, the name of Plovdiv has also undergone some changes: Philippopolis, Trimontium – Three Hills, Pulpudeva, Evmolpiada, Paldin, Ploudin, etc.

Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria. It is an important strategic, industrial, trade, scientific, cultural and communication centre.

It is located 150 km away from Sofia in the central part of South Bulgaria. It sits at 160 m above sea level and sprawls on both banks of the Maritsa River.



Some of the most popular natural and historical landmarks in Bulgaria are situated in the region of Plovdiv: the medieval fortress of Tsar Assen, Bachkovo Monastery, Arapovo Monastery, the Thracian temple in Starosel, the picturesque Rose Valley, the balneology centres in Hissar, Bania, and Narechenski bani, etc.

Krastova gora area (Forest of the Cross) and Pamporovo Ski Resort are not far away either.

The six syenite hills of Plovdiv lend the city its incredible picturesque beauty. The city has rich historical and cultural heritage, which can be seen and explored by its visitors:


In the archaeological museum of Plovdiv, one can see the famous Panagyurishte Gold Treasure as well as many other exhibits.

The exhibition programme of Plovdiv International Fair includes organising fairs in many different fields as well as specialised exhibitions in key sectors of the Bulgarian economy.