Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria, is one of the most ancient places on the Balkan Peninsula.

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Ancient Plovdiv – Nebet tepe (Nebet Hill) fortification complex, Roman stadium, Roman theatre

Museums – Regional Archaeological Museum, Regional Ethnographic Museum, Regional Museum of History, Bulgarian Revival Exhibition, Unification of Bulgaria 1885 Exhibition, Bulgarian Book Printing Exhibition, Regional Museum of Natural Science

Galleries – City Art Gallery, Icon Gallery, Tsanko Lavrenov and Mexican Art Permanent Exhibitions, Encho Pironkov Permanent Exhibition and temporary exhibition halls

Archaeological landmarks – The clock tower on Sahat tepe (Sahat Hill), Hisar kapia (Hissar Gate), Balabanov’s House, Hindilyan House, Nedkovich House, Zlatyu Boyadzhiev Gallery, Dimitar Kirov Exhibition and so on.

Some of the most popular natural and historical landmarks in Bulgaria are situated in the region of Plovdiv:

  • The medieval fortress of Tsar Assen
  • Bachkovo Monastery
  • Arapovo Monastery
  • The Thracian temple in Starosel
  • The picturesque Rose Valley
  • The balneology centres in Hissar, Bania, and Narechenski bani
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